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of supporters who gave president obama a victory a year ago help to put him over the top. >> we are working as hard as we can to reach out to new and old voters. >> it has made us encouraged that we are up double-digits but only the feeling that we are on the right track. >> reporter: mcdonnell will be in our region. he has stops in prince william county and alexandria. and deeds will stop in alexandria. >>> if you would like to learn more about the candidates for all the races and ballot questions in virginia and maryland we have it on our website at >>> a push is on for private contractors to gave six partners the same benefits as married people in montgomery county. a bill is expected to be produced -- introduced this week. the "washington post" reports the measure has widespread support in the council. it could affect 450 firms if approved. >>> it is time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back. hey, jess. >> reporter: that's right. we are talking able the economy week. it is a big week for taking a a pulse on how the economic recovery is doing. we kick off the
since barack obama made the trust of voters a year ago. mcdonnell said he is ready to get to work. creigh deeds' spirit seems to be alive. >> just because we didn't win doesn't mean we can't keep fighting. i'm fighting. deeds promises to keep giving people of virginia a voice in the state senate. mcdonnell with history on his side since the start. no one has gone on to capture the virginiaship the last nine years. >>> for the first time in over a decade, the same party will hold all top three offices. bill bolling easily got reelection over jodi w --jody wagner. >>> maryland, plenty of local races in the free state. rockville will have a new mayor. voters ousted susanne hoffman for phyllis marcuhio. emmit jordan will be the first black city counselor in greenville, maryland. we have numbers from every race on click on the banner in the top of the page. >>> in new jersey, republicans took back the. office -- the office. >> form we will take about the office for those who do not want the government to fix every problem, giving the hand up to beat it themselves. >>> in tha
corzine against republican challenger chris cyst tee. president obama has campaigned for corzine. the candidates have spent over $37 million in ads. >>> this other news, grief counselors will be at forest park high school in woodbridge, virginia today. two students from the school are dead in an apparent murder suicide. their bodies were found inside of a home in oak dale circle and triangle prince william county. right now all police will say is the victims are a 17-year- old girl and 18-year-old man. they were found by the girl's father when he came home. police are looking for clues an a motive. >> part of process is to look and see what we find in their home about their personal life. we don't know that. we will talk to friends and people at school tomorrow and see what is going on. it is too early to say what the motive is. we don't want to go there with that yet. >> reporter: police think the victims were in a relationship. >>> new at 6:00 a.m. a rockville family is recovering after a fire nearly destroyed their home and killed all but one of their 23 pet birds. it happened
had been due by the end of the monday. >>> today president obama will meet with house democrats to make a final pitch for health care legislation. the democratic leadership hopes to have legislation on the house floor for a vote on saturday. there's no timetable for the health care overhaul bill in the senate. >>> a counterhealth care plan authored by house republicans falls short of one presented by democrats. that's according to an analysis of the plan by the congressional budget office. the cbo said it would only make a small dent in the number of uninsured americans. they say the gop plan will reduce the number of ininsured by 3 million by 2019. the democratic plan will reduce the number by 36 million. >>> it is time for another living smart report and jessica doyle is back and congress is moving forward with economic measures to help individual americans. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. this is a particular need in the district. now, dc's unemployment rate hit 11.4% in september. the unemployment rate in ward 8 is 28%. the senate just passed a bill that would give ar
to virginia tech and lived in bethesda as recently as this summer. president obama cancelled a planned visit to captiol hill. he will carry out with a pre- planned visit to walter reed today. >>> our coverage begins with a focus on the victims in this familiar -- tragedy. today will be a day of mourning in the ft. hood community. gun fire began yesterday afternoon at the soldier readiness center. that's for soldiers about too be deployed. some thought the gun fire was just an exercise, but then they saw people running. we learned in the last hour, a 13th person is dead. the alleged gunman is an army psychiatrist. senator kay bailey hutchinson says it makes it all the more shocking. >> it is very disconcerting when it is someone in your own military who knows the people who he was killing. it's the worst of all possible situations. >> reporter: right now the motive for the shooting is unclear. after originally carrying the -- hearing the alleged gunman was dead we heard he is alive on a hospital ventilator and is identified as major malik nadal hasan and there's new video of malik nadal hasan
.m., president obama getting a welcome inbeijing, serenaded witha familiar song ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the national anthem welcomed president obama to the chinese capital. while you slept he had a conference with the chinese prent. he stressed coopation between the united stat and in especially on the economy. >> so far china's partnership has proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in generations. >> reporter: later in the morning, president obama toured the forbidden city. it's the ancient home of chinese emperors. the presidt will be the guest of honor at a state dinner later today. >>> also new this morning, the armyis opening an internal probe. it will trto dermine any warning signs were missed about an alleged ft. hood shooter. the investigation is expected to focus on malik nadal hasan's work at walter reed medical center. he worked there as psatri befe he was and toft. hood in july. two people killed in a ft. hood shooting will be buried at arlington national ce. ry and she wapring n fr toto iraq and major was heading to afghanistan. >>> tonight a former
this morning, president obama is on his way home but not before meeting with our soldiers on his visit to south korea. overnight the president traveled to osan air base. 28,000 troops are stationed there. the president promised support overseas and here at home. >> give you a clear mission, the equipment and support to get the job done. that's the promise i make to you. as you fulfill your duties, we're going to take care of your families. that's why i asked for increase in pay [cheering and applause] >> reporter: the president also met with south korean president. he vowed to reach a new trade agreement and hold more nuclear talks with north korea. while you slept happened dare sigh began his second term as the president of afghanistan. he calls on his country to take the lead in its own security. secretary of state hillary clinton attended today's swearing in. she was among the dignitaries from 40 nations. president karzai vowed to implement reforms. his term lasts five years. >>> secretary gates attended a funeral for a soldier killed in a ft. hood rampage. today secretary gates is expected
sometime later today. there's no word exactly what time. >>> today president obama will take part in his first turkey pardoning ceremony at the white house. last night a little more formal event. the national symphony orchestra playing. the guest of honor, the prime minister of india and his wife. the president hailed strong relations between the two countries in his toast. >> to the future that beckens all of us, let us answer its call and let our two great nations realize all the triumph answer achievements that await us. >> here here. >> cheers. >> among the celebrities in attendance, steven beg speel weather and blare underwood. >>> it is time for another "living $mart" report and just in time for thanksgiving travel. jessica looks at airport food. >> oh, you know, you know when you head to the airport don't expect high quiz seen. don't look for it. and if you are heading to local airports in the region they are among the lowest ranking airports for health -- healthful foods in the nation. they looked at low fat, cholesterol free, vegetarian entree and bwi was 11th for providing heal
. >>> happening today, president obama welcomes indian prime minister to the white house the first family will host the prime minister and his family for the obama's first official state dinner. >>> the president says he's moving closer to a decision on the war in afghanistan. he met with his war council for two hours last night. the president is facing increasing criticism from senior congressional democrats over the war's cost and the size of the u.s. troop commitment. white house press secretary robert gibbs says no decision will be announced before next week. >>> >>> a special "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here to save us money on health insurance. timely. >> yes, lots and lots of much. it is open enrollment time for a lot of folks. when you are devoting to picking health care benefits. especially at the federal government, the larger employer in the region. they have until december 14th to make the decision and picking the right plan can save you thousands of dollars a year. >> about 95% of federal employees don't change health plans each year. they just sit in the plan the
but did not believe he would turn violent. yesterday president obama remembered the victims of the shooting. >> no faith justifying these murderous and cravennous acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. >> reporter: 13 people died in last week's shootings and 27 more were hurt. >>> >>> the former astronaut who attacked a romantic rival is pleading guilty. a judge sentenced lisa nowak to a year of probation. an she pled guilty to burglary and battery. it could have landed her in prison for life. >>> new at 6:00 a.m., potential relief for your morning commute. the montgomery county council is backing a plan to widen 270 from 24 to frederick and add reversible hot lanes. no one is sure where the money will come from. the council backed a plan to build a light rail from shady grove to clarksburg. >>> in the district, work will begin this month on replacing the eastern avenue bridge over kenilworth avenue. the crossing is so low it is often hit by trucks. the project will start this month. the road will be closed for one year. >>> a special living smart report an
on traffic and upload them to our weather page. >>> new this morning, president obama on the start of his big trip to east asia. afghanistan -- air force one touched down on the first stop of the tour. today he meets with the prime minister of japan and he will also mete with the emper your. on his way oversea he spoke to troops thanking them for their service. >> it is your sense of service, answering your country's call, volunteering in a time of war knowing you could be isn't in to harm's way. that that's a sense of responsibility on your part. the belief that the blessings we cherish as americans are not gifts but freedoms that are earned. >> reporter: on this trip the president will visit singapore, china and south korea. >>> republican national committee chairman michael steele is ordering a change in the rnc's health plan. the plan covers elective abortions. now that suddenly became an embarrassment for the rnc on thursday. he said that money from donors should not be used for that kind of insurance plan. an rnc spokeswoman said the insurance policy has been in way since 1991. >>> now
, president obama is meeting with students in china. while you slept the president held a town hall forum in shanghai. the guests a group of young future chinese leaders. the president stressed cooperation on global issues between the u.s. and china and urged more freedom for the chinese people. >> we do not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation. but we also don't believe the principles that we stand for are unique to our nation. these freedoms of expression and worship of access to information and political participation, we believe, are universal right and they should be available to all people. >> reporter: the president is now in beijing. he will meet with chinese president and visit the pored bien city. >>> back here at home the white house will propose a the federal government oversee safety on systems nationwide. it is a plan brought on by the deadly crash last july. alex has more. >> good morning. metro is the second busiest subway system in the nation. bottom line, passengers who board here at tenleytown or another stop want safety to be a top priority. fede
directly involved. >> reporter: there will be a larger memorial tomorrow along the base. president obama and the first lady will attend. >>> starting in a few minutes a new way to commute in northern virginia. an express bus from woodbridge to tysons corner. the service is new this morning. alex trevino is live from the west park center. >> tysons corner is considered a traffic clog commercial hub and with the construction it is a big mess and tough to get here for many folks but free bus services should help many people. state and regional officials are trying to solve the long- term congestion problem but the pro-primary projects that will help are making matters worse. they include extra lanes on 495 and extending the metro rail to dulles international airport. the solution taking the bus it. >> is difficult to get people to change their commuting habits and because of this this bus will have cool amenities that i'd like to highlight for you. first, as i mentioned a one- seat ride. you can travel between prince william county and tysons corner without stopping and having to transfer.
in to turkey dinner on thanksgiving. president obama paid tribute to soldiers and their families who are making the sacrifice of serving our country. on tuesday, the president will unveil his new war strategy. that's expected to include spending -- sending 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. >>> thanksgiving took on special meaning for soldiers and their families at ft. hood in texas. receive they received a traditional thanksgiving meal. the shooting massacre is weighing heavily on their minds at ft. hood. dozens of people were injured and 13 killed when a gunman opened fire. the accused gunman, malik nadal hasan is hospitalized still in san antonio. >>> looking at the stories happening today. a funeral will be held for the late abe pollin, the wizards owner died on tuesday. the funeral will be at 11:30 at the washington hebrew congregation in northwest washington. a public memorial will be held at verizon center next month. there are some road closures you should know about because of the funeral. macomb street will be closed from massachusetts to idaho avenues northwest. and 39th street will
to you. >> thank you. >>> we want to focus on the war in afghanistan. president obama is still trying to decide what to do to turn the tide. and right now he doesn't like his options. the white house official tells the associated press the president did not accept any of the four options given to him yesterday. the official says the president wants more information on how and when troops would turn over security to afghan leaders. another official says the u.s. ambassadors to afghanistan is worry about afghan president happened karzai's government. >>> we're also learning this morning about the push for health care reform. senate democrats will reportedly focus on a tax hike to pay for it. the associated press reports majority leader harry reid is considering raising medicare payroll taxes on people who make over $250,000. the money would pay for reform plans. so far no "time" table for a reform debate in the senate. >>> in the district, a second tragedy for a family. a man whose younger brother was killed by off-duty police officers is gunned down himself. 21-year-old george rawlings
dinner at the white house, a first for president obama. >>> the bishop of providence, rhode island said he did not refuse communion to patrick kennedy. the democrat said he had been denied the catholic sacrament because of his support for abortion rights. >>> 40 people are out of their homes after this apartment fire in philadelphia. 22 people including three firefighters were hurt. none seriously. >>> 6:14. >>> howard is here. he says don't forget the rain gear. >> a lot of patience if you are traveling the next few days. while weather maybe a little factor from time to time obviously a lot more people on the roads. the next three days plenty of clouds much of the week. rain around today. tomorrow drizzle early. upper 40s this afternoon. and wednesday, maybe some late rain returning in time for thanksgiving, as well. temperatures holding in the mid- 50s. the moms like bus stop forecast, cloudy and chilly. showers developing. mid-40s to low 50s. sunrise 7 a.m. straight up. this afternoon we will have some light rain and showers at times mid-40s to low 50s. won't see much movement
, not americans. president obama will deliver his war plan tomorrow night. he will give that speech from west point. >>> tiger woods says his friday morning car crash is "embarrassing but he has cancelled three met meetings with police to talk about it. woods calls hue rumors that an affair led to the crash false and malicious. >>> a holiday spirit arrives on captiol hill today and the capitol christmas tree will be delivered from arizona. it will be december 8th. your tree is up and decorated. >> you are good. >> i did it the day after thanksgiving. >> must be first on your block. >> no. >> no. that's what is really amazing. >> we have a neighbor that puts up his holiday decorations when he takes his halloween ones down. >> i believe it. >> he gets two months out of it. it is not feeling like -- the next three days look like this. well in the 50s with rain moving in mid-morning. tomorrow cooler and more seasonable. some rain arrives late and temperatures in the middle 50s. the moms like bus stop forecast, generally cloudy and seasonably cool with a slight chance of a shower in western
for the holiday and they put together bags wednesday at martha's table at northwest washington. michelle obama made sure they had plenty of vegetables. they will go to families at need and at-risk youth in the region. >>> a different tradition in richmond, virginia. governor kaine received his deer and other game from the six native american tribes from the commonwealth. it is a symbolic way of paying taxes. the tradition dates back to 1677 and the start of a dialogue between the tribes and white settlers. >>> it is 5 after the hour. we are getting you ready for black friday. jessica doyle is here and she's giving us smart tips on clothes. >> we have been dealing with toys, consumer electronics and now up to clothes. a lot of wish lists will have items of clothes on it. a consumer report study finds 71% of consumers will pick up apparel in the next few days but the price cuts are deep, up to 75% in some. check the paper for bonus coupons like this one at macy's. this deal from macy's yesterday, extra 20% off. take 15% off clearance items. not impossible to spend something on $10 that was origi
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